TV Host Tommy Florez crosses 30,000 Followers on Instagram

At the time of writing this article, the TV host, Tommy Florez has crossed 34 Thousand Followers on Instagram. Tommy Florez is a presenter and broadcaster from Colombia. As a presenter, he has worked for several media, including Xfinity Latino. Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel is a national entertainment channel that is featured on Comcast to around 22 million homes all around the world. This show shares content for the Latino community that is situated in the United States.

By working for this show and several others his entire life, Tommy Florez has gained a lot of fame and reputation, which won him several followers on different social media channels. On Instagram alone, the TV host has crossed 30,000 mark.

Besides doing his work as a radio and TV host, he is also an ardent follower of Game of Thrones, and stay enthusiastic about traveling most of the times. His latest post on Instagram talks about this love he shares for the series.

To peep into his personal life, you can follow his Instagram page and stay updated with what he loves to do in his free time. Besides this, you can also catch up on his latest concerts and other events which Tommy Florez keeps posting on his Instagram account from time to time.

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