Design Agency “Web with Style” Launches Social Media Services

Web With Style is an inherently web design company, founded by a young Italian entrepreneur, Alessia La Scala, who is a web designer. But besides this, the company also specializes in other services like social media management (predominantly Instagram), and online reputation management for other companies and freelancers.

Founded recently, the company’s latest venture is into social media services, where they take care of establishing the social media reputation of the clients and help connect them with their right target audience. Their latest client is an Italian architect company, Legnomat, which faced issues of attracting the wrong niche of people.

Web With Style worked on building their social image, as a result of which, they were able to negate all the bad effects and could now connect with their right target niche. On being asked how they improved the image of their client, Web With Style team shared that they took care of an entire image of Legnomat. They restyled the website, increased their social media presence, and made sure that their information is up to date everywhere on the web. Further, they handled the company’s Instagram account, making sure to update it regularly.

It is due to the efforts of Web With Style that Legnomat was able to grow its Instagram followers from 200 to 1000 in just a matter of few weeks. And those were the exact people company wanted to target at first place.

Such social media services by Web With Style has helped several other clients, who have reviewed their services as one of the best in the world.

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