Atalanta-based ReST Introduces AI Mattress to Improve Sleep

ATALANTA – In order to help people sleep well, Atalanta based startup, ReST (Responsive Surface Technology) has used AI in mattresses. According to Lloyd Sommers, General Manager of ReST, now it is not required for people to figure out the suitable mattress alone. With the help of sensing technology, it has become possible to monitor the sleeper’s pressure and position to change the surface of the bed accordingly for better sleep.

Earlier, the founder of ReST, Rob Golden used the sensing technology as a dental tool in order to measure a patient’s bite strength. However, after some time, Golden acquired a Canadian company’s sensory technology which was originally used for paraplegics and burn victims to make them sense pressure. With this, he got an idea to integrate this sensor technology into mattresses. To improve the back and body support, ReST’s mattress’ uses the sensor to know about shifts in pressure and hence it changes the pressure of the mattress accordingly.

It also gathers sleep patterns of users and also could integrate with smart devices to create a holistic bedtime environment for a sound sleep. People look for mattress reviews online to help them decide the suitable mattress for them. ReST’s AI mattress would most likely be liked by people on a large scale.

This AI-based mattress is mainly popular among retired couples, technology lovers, and athletic background people who want to improve their sleep. After this mattress, the startup is likely to use this technology in making pillows which would involve adjusting the pillow positions automatically to adjust your neck movement. It would help to reduce snoring and helps a person to have a proper sleep for better health.

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