With 69,000+ Stores and Merchants, “” is the Biggest Online Shopping Mall

Alibaba’s 2 biggest eCommerce businesses are running on very ambitious goals now. Jiang Fan, who runs these 2 businesses, is planning on doubling up the sales by the next 3 years. And this is not the only online platform that is having ambitious goals. is another major online eCommerce giant, which is giving a tough competition to many online retailers. In fact, this store alone hosts more than 69,000 stores and merchants, who sell their products and services through this website. And that is not all. This store is not limited to a single country. Rather, they sell the products and goods of various merchants all over the world. And that has provided this online shopping mall with the title of being the biggest in the online eCommerce industry.

The company’s official page claims that the users would find more choices on this website, as compared to anywhere else in the world. Around 900 million items are available on this website which the users can browse and purchase. This website is basically an online central shopping center which covers all the basic needs of the people worldwide.

Some of the categories which you will find here are auto and autoparts, travel and tickets, gifts and flowers, departmental store, clothing and accessories, computer, game and toys, foods and drinks, financial services, sports and fitness, communication, and many more. The list is huge, and people are really enjoying browsing this biggest online shopping mall.

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