DJ WilSAF reaches 60,000 Fans on Facebook

DJ Wil

Wilmot Faulkner, popular by the stage name of DJ WilSAF, is a famous DJ and a radio presenter. He is also a great entrepreneur, having founded 2 successful companies, SELAKIFAU Limited, and FusionSound Radio. Due to his unique style of playing and song mixing, he is now popularly known as The Master Selector.

This has led to a great increase in his popularity on all social media platforms, specially Facebook. With his talent and persistence, he has reached to a fan base of around 60,000 on Facebook. And this feat has not come very easy for the popular DJ. He has given over 2 decades of his life to this passion, which has resulted in a strong fan following of the DJ and radio presenter.

You can too follow the DJ at his Facebook page, going by the name of DJ WilSAF itself. On his Facebook page, you will notice his profile picture, where he is standing by the song mixing set up, having his headphones on. This profile picture of DJ WilSAF also received a lot of likes and comments by his friends and fans.

DJ WilSAF started his career of pursuing DJ in 1996 from Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation. He worked here for 7 years as an Announcer and DJ, conducting and presenting interviews, as well as hosting the live talk shows. From here his journey started, and he became one of the popular DJs of the world.

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