Facebook Poll Voted The Junction House as One of The Best Brunch Restaurant in Seminyak Bali for Australians

A Facebook poll was conducted in Australia, to find out the best restaurant in Bali for the Australians. The place was set as Seminyak, which is a luxury beach resort area in the Southern end of Bali. And in the poll, options of some popular restaurants of Seminyak were provided, from which the Australians had to choose their favorite.

Bali is a popular island of Indonesia, which is mostly frequented by Australians. Though people from all over the world visit the place, Australians are present on the island in large numbers. And the poll which was conducted, voted The Junction House as one of the best brunch restaurants for Australians.

Established in 2007, the concept of The Junction House was inspired from Haussmann apartments in Paris. This restaurant is located in the heart of Seminyak, and you will find a lot of delicacies being offered here. The speciality of this restaurant is in authentic brunches, coffee, as well as dinner. It has a very homely feel to it, delivering a cozy experience to all the people visiting this place for their brunch or dinner.

Along with having separate meals, people also visit the restaurant for throwing birthday parties, bridal showers, gatherings, and many more events. No matter what the occasion is, you will always find this place flocking with people.

The result of the poll, that this is one of the best brunch restaurants, has led to many people now frequenting this place. If you are also planning a trip to Bali, you can visit The Junction House in Seminyak easily following the Google Map directions.

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