Ethical Hackers help Politicians realise the importance of Online Safety

London – The UK Government plans to take strict measures to ensure Online Safety of its citizen, especially the kids who are getting more and more exposed to the cyber world. This focus on online safety has been brought due to the efforts of Ethical hackers who exposed the commonness of cyber-bullying, fake news, and other dangerous online activities.

The Government plans to put together a team called “Regulator” whose job will be to create rules and regulations related to online safety which will have to be followed by Tech companies. The Regulator can force Internet service providers to block companies which disobey those rules. There can also be a fine of an undisclosed amount on such companies as well.

The basic Idea behind establishing these rules is that Tech companies should be held responsible for the content available across their website, applications & social networks. They also must implement security measures so that they can not be hacked by using simple methods available in any hacking books which you can pick up at any store. While larger companies like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, etc don’t have to worry a lot about being able to get hacked, it is the smaller companies which can not spend too much on security infrastructure who should be worried about this.

Also, More focus will be laid on protecting the children who are not even supposed to be on many of these sites. The Government wants companies to work hard on ensuring age-restricted content can not be accessed by children.

The government also aims at educating more parents about the various parental control options available on their everyday devices, and how they can be effectively used to protect their children online.

By giving the Regulator the power to fine company bosses, many tech companies have shown resentment towards such law. Because of sites which depend on user-generated content is difficult to monitor and filter.



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