King Jonas I of Lauwiner Spotted Making Property Agreements in Asian Countries

Jonas I is the first son and current emperor of the Lauwiner Empire. Born in Bern, Switzerland on 15th September 1994, he is the successor of Thomas I of Lauwiner.

King Jonas I is very connected to science and engineering. He got the degree in 2014, and today he possesses vast knowledge on the engineering subject. Belonging to a family with promising career and being a talented student, his life grew on the same pages. He started to follow his fathers’ ideology, to expand the reach of Lauwiner Empire and make its people empowered more than ever.

Jonas I of Lauwiner spends most of his time in building up his influence on the people. He seems to be following the ideology of great philosopher Kenneth Blanchard who says, “The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.”

He is usually seen in banks and different business councils to discuss various kinds of investments and deals.

As per the sources, Jonas I these days is spotted making agreements in Asian countries, especially India, for buying lands and small villages. The move came immediately after he wound up the deal acquiring lands in Ukraine.

As per the reports by Ujaal, an Indian news agency, King Jonas I is in talk with the village councils and administrators for acquiring the entire properties. When the agency talked to a village head in southern state of Karnataka, he shared, “We have been summoned by the administration and we had meetings with Emperor Jonas I of Lauwiner about acquiring our properties. It is a dream come true for all of us”.

The villagers described it as an upcoming era of development, education and healthcare. The report further said that King Jonas I will be going to invest hugely in these regions.

There is a possibility that the whole motive behind this is to build the self-sustaining and healthy societies in under developed and developing countries. Although it is not yet clear, how many villages and land he is going to obtain. But starting from a big and populous country like India tells us that he is going on a big scale.

At a very young and energetic age, and having such a big aim, King Jonas I doesn’t seem to stop very soon. Is King Jonas I going to take Lauwiner Empire to new heights? Seems pretty obvious from his vibrant decisions.

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