Mas Sajady, How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30

Almost everyone today would say “yes” in response to the question whether they would want to become a millionaire in their 20’s or not. Becoming rich in a very short time is a desire for most people and nobody wants to settle for a mediocre lifestyle. To the contrary, very few people want to crawl before they run, although everyone wants to achieve big in life.

There is nothing mystical about achieving success and becoming a millionaire at an age as early as 30. When we had a discussion with the entrepreneur Mas Sajady, he shared with us some tips which one must follow to become a millionaire by the age of 30.

Focus On Increasing Your Net Worth

No matter which department or field you work in, if you want to become rich at a young age then all your focus should be on increasing your money value. By this, we mean that you should continuously search for ways to increase your opportunities to earn more – and there are endless opportunities or ways to earn more associated with each field of work. Your priority should be to improve your skills in order to increase your net worth. Those who ignore money, repent later in their life and this costs them all the hardships related to the lack of money and financial resources.

Have Integrity With Your Work

Work is worship. You must have heard this quote in your middle school, high school, or college times. Well, this is so apt when it comes to working in any field that your entire focus should be on the integrity of your work, as it is the only element in your life which will determine your reputation. Integrity is a trait which will differentiate your from the the competitors in your industry. It is because of your integrity that you will be able to increase your net worth by growing your business through referrals and traditional word of mouth.

Make Investments, Don’t Just Save to Save

What would do with your surplus money? Most of you would say, “save”. Well, right, everyone should save their money for the future according to their budget. You should not just save your money to just save. Instead, you should invest your money in various avenues which will be sure to increase it manifold. All the successful businessmen that exist in this world earn more money through investment, appreciating assets and compound interest.

Avoid Debt

The key point you should take into account before taking debt in your life is that the debt you go for should increase your cash value. Some people end up investing their money in debts which do not give them the return which they desire. For example, taking debt for a luxury car is not a good idea in the early stages of life. Instead you should invest your money in buying a commercial building or another form of appreciate assets, so that it could earn a big yield throughout your life.

Follow Successful People

We are the average of five people we spend our time the most with. If you have a dream of becoming a millionaire by 30, then you must follow specifically successful people in your life who have achieved this reality. Guidance from such people who have stories that relate to yours will definitely enhance your confidence and teach you ways to earn more money in less time and grow your net worth to the targets you desire. Having mentors will speed up your success and prevent your failures, which are sure to come in numbers if you dare to attack such massive goals such as becoming a millionaire on your own.

About Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady, The founder of Exponential Intelligence® and Medihealing®, is an inspiring icon who is redefining success and spirituality. With the wisdom that is profoundly transformative and superhuman abilities gained from two near-death experiences, Mas helps us find happiness and fulfillment by turning mundane human endeavors into significant success.

Sajady started working on clients professionally in November of 2011. Within less than a year, he had worked on over a thousand clients solely by word of mouth. His success rate brought frequent speaking engagements worldwide, during which Mas has been able to help countless individuals from over 100 countries transform their health, finances, relationships and spirituality with rapid, tangible and documented results.

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