Metro Detroit Family Says it has Cost it $100k due to Contractor’s Issues

WHITE LAKE – A metro Detroit family members, Cindy and Michelle said that they were excited to build their dream house on the lake but the poor work of their contractor has ruined their plans. They hired a contractor, Marty Bruce of J & L Painting and Remodelling in White Lake for $100k to create an addition on their already existing property. Marty assured them to get the job done by spring but the results didn’t come as expected.

Before starting the work, it was decided that they would get a 646-square-foot addition, a 3-car garage, shingles, siding, flooring, a bathroom, kitchen, electrical and plumbing work. The material for siding in the house has been bought from James Hardie Siding in Connecticut. Since Marty was personable to them so they trusted him for his work but things took an unexpected turn. Marty started asking for more money to do the work. When they refused to give more money, Marty halted the work and settled to continue the work once $10,000 would be handed over to him.

She said a work of about $40,000 is still pending but they don’t have this much money to pay to the contractor. She further said in the outside region, the framing and the work is almost completed but the inside part has just completed about 10 percent. And they have already spent about $90,000 at present and still a lot of work has to be done.

Marty confessed to a news reporter that some projects are not complete but he blamed his clients for using material and labor with more cost than decided earlier. He said that he is already in the complete loss and planning to knock the door of the court to get justice. Marty said that it is not his fault if the mother and the daughter duo ran out of money while paying for the project.

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