Covert Venture – Feel The Rush With a New Extreme Immersive Travel Adventure

Do you like games full of thrills and challenges? Did you ever want to become a secret agent with special powers – that 007, Jason Bourne type behind the wheel of operation with the latest gadgets and payload? If your answer is yes, it means you are here not by chance. You have been searching for the military intelligence adventure and want to know how the secret covert agencies work to stop the chaos worldwide – this is the new type of extreme sport you were looking for created by the CVJTF GROUP.

Have you ever explored how the military intelligence operators work behind the scene – secretly? If not, then it’s the time for you to enroll yourself for this real-life, multi-day adventure and get to know how the top covert agencies like GRU, CIA, SAS, JTF2, and MOSSAD work.


First question: have you played Call of Duty, Battlefield, Brothers in Arms? Yes, you have played. Now close your eyes and get out of the virtual simulator for some time. Now if you get a chance to physically eye witness the modern warfare in the entire field of covert operation, what would you do? You would be a fool to say NO to this unique golden opportunity.

You will be taking part in the covert field simulation mission under controlled risk with integrated local law enforcement support. This is a modern warfare operation at covertventure, that let you play the adventure – in the real world. Read on the process below.


There are mainly two phases of the entire adventure. You can choose your location, your intel specialists and a mission per your experience, skills, and desire. There are several missions for those who dare to enter. Phase ONE OPS ran for 5-15 days and built for 1-20 participants in mind.


– Taiga Raid with GRU (stop sabotage Russian-Chinese pipeline construction with Russian Main Intelligence Directorate specialists)
– Cartel Examination with SAS (rescue a British Doctor with British Special Forces)
– Shadow Danger with FSB (act as an undercover agent in Moscow under the leadership of FSB – internal secret service of Russia)
– White Bio-Hazard with JFT2 (collect the samples of a biological weapon in Alaska and protect your team with Canadian Special Forces)
– Nuclear Antiterror with Mossad (take down the terrorist camp to gather nuclear intelligence in Israel).


Here comes the second phase of the OPS: it runs for 10-20 days, and aimed towards professional 2-10 participants.

– Save the president of the Russian Federation in the Arctic side and face the challenges against all the odds.
– Destroy the Missile base – this plot stays in the African continent where you have to face two teams – one is to guard the base, and another is to destroy it.


To take part in the most challenging and innovative first-person real-life warfare simulation game, you will not have to do much. Just click on the link above and see it for yourself. One thing is for sure – those who enter are coming back changed for the rest of their lives!

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