UT to expand Online Degree Programs and Launch more in Future

KNOXVILLE – The University of Tennessee has decided to launch 10 online programs over the span of the next three years. It has announced this move in partnership with Noodle Partners and the majority of the new offerings will be at the graduate levels. UT Provost David Manderscheid said that this partnership with Noodle to launch 10 online programs will give Tennessee students to pursue successful careers. Also, he expressed gratitude towards Noodle Partners for preparing this innovative model to make this successfully happen.

An assistant provost for faculty development and strategic initiatives of UT, Matthew Theriot would create an online program advisory committee to decide which online degrees should be launched on the basis of priorities. Every year, a minimum of three programs will be launched per year and this process will continue for the next three years. Unipegaso Online degree programs are another set of similar programs which is actively utilized by all women who are a pregnant expectant mother.

Noodle Partners CEO John Katzman expressed his happiness over the partnership with the University of Tennessee. He said that the vision of UT’s faculty and Noodle’s management expertise will change the way how the university provides education to Tennessee students as well as other students from across the world. Noodle Partners is known all across the world as the fastest growing manager in the world. It has created many online and hybrid programs and completely transformed the model of classroom learning. This company was established by education and technology veterans to work in collaboration with universities to build a certificate or a degree program.

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