Oregon Secretary of State warns against Misleading Business Solicitations

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Secretary of State is alerting Oregon business owners to disregard any solicitation received from Workplace compliance services. Most of the solicitation relate to annual report, business requirements and annual minutes’ compliance notice.

The alert read:

Many Oregon businesses are reporting receiving a questionable solicitation entitled “2019 – Annual Report Instruction Form” or “State Annual Report Renewal Notice.”  These forms, sent by a couple of out-of-state companies “Workplace Compliance Services” and “Filing Labor Compliance Services” can be easily mistaken for correspondence from the State of Oregon. It is not.

These misleading solicitation look deceptively similar to official notice sent by the SOS. The letter requests to pay for services which many business owners do not require or charge fees higher than the state charges. But as the letter looks close to official, many business owners are felling for the trap.

The company “Workplace Compliance Services” has already been issued warnings in the past by the SOS. This sort of scam of targeting small business owners seems to be going on other states as well. And surprisingly all are owned and operated by the same parent company ANS Incorporated. Searching through the SOS business database, it shows ANS incorporated is registered in Michigan.

And Workplace Compliance Service is a DBA (Doing business as) for the parent company.

Some of the other DBA which we could find is:


The modus operandi look pretty similar. Make a new DBA and start sending letters to business owners. And once people identify the scam, move on and start with another DBA. This may severely affect businesses which provide temporary numbers to send SMS online for free as they may find less takers due to the strict regulations.

If you’re in receipt of such letter its best to file a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State office.

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