Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy for US President Supported by Noted Hollywood Celebrities

As soon as Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her nomination for 2020 presidential elections, she started receiving support from Hollywood celebrities. Various famous Hollywood actors namely Rob Delaney, John Fugelsang, etc. expressed their views regarding Warren’s presidential run.

While making the announcement about her candidacy, Warren mentioned how the middle-class people are being attacked in the present government. She blamed billionaires and big corporations who took a part of these people and became big in size.

Warren has received a lot of criticism for attempting to be native American. Even president Donald Trump had tweeted against her in 2016. “I find it offensive that Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be Native American to get in Harvard,” the president’s tweet said in the year 2016. The famous comedy actor John Fugelsang said, “If Elizabeth Warren is ‘Pocahontas’ I guess you’re Custer. Except Custer was natural blonde & didn’t avoid military service. And she never pretended to be Native American to get into Harvard, but you pretended to have bone spurs to get out of something.”

Also, Deadpool 2 actor Rob Delaney also raised his voice in support of Warren but he doubted Warren for being the final nominee for Democrat party. “The ad is good,” the actor reacted to Warren’s video “I think her second ad should highlight the fact that she cosponsored (with 15 other Dem senators) the Senate #MedicareForAll bill on September 13, 2017.” He continued, “More & more happy Warren announced so early. She’s one of the best of the very famous politicians, policy-wise & most of the candidates who’ll come out will be markedly worse than her but they’ll have to grapple with what she’s laid down.” Also, he added, “Warren coming out first will exert a pull on eventual nominee that will make them more likely to win presidency in 2020. So, it’s good. #CorrectTake.”

Comedian and Podcaster Rhea Butcher also favoured Warren in her tweet. She asked her followers to support Elizabeth Warren in 2020 elections. But she confessed that her support for Warren is more likely to benefit her in the local elections than the presidential elections.

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